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We're so glad you took the 5 Roles Assessment. The following descriptions from your top results will help you understand the specific way God has gifted you to bless others.

Dream Awakener

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Apostles awaken people to their God-given potential and destiny. They are instrumental in helping people discover who they really are and walk alongside them to get there. They forge new paths in God’s Kingdom and are a catalyst for change wherever they go.

The heart of a Dream Awakener is for every person to know who they really are, so that every person can grow their God-given potential. 

Dream Awakeners can see the potential in others before they themselves do. They are usually opinionated, see clearly what needs to be done, and get frustrated when things move slowly. They come alive when they can help others achieve something and don’t mind bending the rules and coloring outside the lines. Dream Awakeners take joy in helping others live out their full potential.

Without our Dream Awakeners, people would not get the full picture of what they are capable of and would not experience the growth needed to get them there.

Dream Awakeners grow in their role by focusing on a few priorities instead of jumping from one good idea to the next. By slowing down and eliminating distractions, more people can follow their lead.

Heart Revealer

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Prophets are Heart Revealers in the Kingdom of God. They are effective at standing back in each situation and revealing God’s heart for His people. They can accurately discern God’s heart for a situation. Heart Revealers help people hear God’s voice and help them develop a listening ear to God.

The heart of a Heart Revealer is for every person to know God’s heart and hear God’s voice for themselves.

Heart Revealers are compelled to help the needy, broken, and oppressed and find it hard to stand by when injustice happens. They are easily distracted by what seems like random thoughts, ideas, words, and pictures and occasionally have vivid dreams. They are discerning, have strong feelings for right and wrong, and believe that life is about choosing between the two. Heart Revealers frequently get gut feelings, can distinguish between what is from God and what is not, usually with a high level of accuracy.

Without Heart Revealers it would be difficult for people to discern the truth and hear from God. Our relationship with Him and others would be less intimate.

Heart Revealers grow in their role when they become more patient with the people they are serving. They grow by listening and engaging, becoming more aware of the implications that their words have on other people.


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Evangelists are storytellers in the Kingdom of God. They make the stories of Jesus’s remarkable goodness and love famous. They are the carriers of good news and partner with Jesus in celebrating people’s transformation. They stir curiosity and desire to know Jesus. Storytellers are a living invitation for all to join the family of God.

The heart of a storyteller is for every person to be invited into God’s family and that every person would hear the amazing stories of God’s goodness and transformation.

Storytellers have plenty of friends and relationships in and outside of church life. They can get other people excited about what they are excited about and are highly adaptable in almost every setting. They have a heart for people who are far from God and make others feel comfortable in their presence. When a storyteller loves something, they really love that thing. They love to share but also appreciate others sharing their own God stories.

Without storytellers, our faith would not be as enthusiastic, and we wouldn’t celebrate as many personal stories of God’s transformation. Less people would share their own stories and less people would be invited to experience God’s presence and community.

Storytellers grow in their role by staying real and not trying to portray themselves or their message in an exaggerated positive light. Personal growth also occurs when their focus is not solely on sharing with as many as possible. They grow by asking reflective questions like; “To whom am I called to share?” and “What happens after I share?”

Soul Healer

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Pastors are Soul Healers in the Kingdom of God. They are instrumental in guiding people from brokenness to wholeness and healing their souls from wounds that keep them planted where they are. They create a safe atmosphere of family and belonging. Soul Healers bring fun and enjoyment to God’s ministry and allow people to feel like they are part of a greater family.

The heart of Soul Healer is for every person to feel like they are a part of God’s family. They want every individual to feel included, to be able to overcome brokenness, and become whole.

Soul Healers have a good grasp on reality and can help others make better choices for themselves. They are concerned for people’s hearts and emotions and can feel people’s pain. They see solutions to relational dysfunction and embrace people to make them feel welcome and included. Soul Healers are excellent listeners and are exceptional at having fun and enjoying life.

Without Soul Healers people remain stuck in their pain and brokenness, they feel left out, left behind, and forgotten. People would not feel as loved and honored as they should.
Soul Healers grow in their role, by not only empathizing with others but also by empowering others to overcome their own challenges.

Light Giver

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Teachers are Light Givers in the Kingdom of God. They make the truth and knowledge about God accessible to all. They can take complex ideas and simplify them for their listeners. Light Givers are strategic in helping people know God’s truth and how it applies to their own life.
The heart of a Light Giver is for every person to know God’s truth. That every person would be able to understand the Bible and know how to apply the God’s truth to their life.

Light Givers are curious for deeper understanding, learning, and revelation and will research what they don’t understand. They are interested in topics that some find boring and feel like they can see situations clearly and therefore, provide clear answers. Light Givers never stop learning, love to share their perspective, and can feel frustrated when others don’t have the same hunger to learn like they do.

Without Light Givers, deception and lies are challenged less. People’s lives don’t embody scripture and they don’t understand why they should change. People get bored with the Bible and are less curious and hungry to read it.

Light Givers grow in their role by focusing more on the life change they and others are experiencing, and less on the specific content they want to communicate.
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