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What if you could overcome your obstacles once and for all? What if you knew exactly what God’s purpose and His “next” for you was? What if you had a plan that would help you take your next step? The Unstoppable Growth 10-week small group experience gives you the connections, coaching and tools you need to experience the results you long for. Join an Unstoppable Growth small group near you and unlock your God-given potential today.
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10-week small group Program starts this fall
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Be inspired by breakthrough biblical content
Get connected to motivated individuals and couples
Receive support and accountability through coaching
See clearly by creating your Why Statement and Vision Board
Grow confidence by expanding your role and resources
“Unstoppable Growth is the best Christian personal development content that I’ve ever worked through.”
Yolanda Harris
Founder and CEO of
“The Kairos Life Map helped me see my career potential. I immediately applied for a new position and increased my salary by 78%. I love my new job.”
Jacqueline Gerety
Product Engineering Leader
“The Five Capitals helped me grow in all areas of my life, especially spiritually. I’ve never felt so inspired and close to God as I do now.”
Lenny Pisano
Director Capital Markets
10-Week Small Group Program
In-Person & Online
Get Clarity

Focus on the things that matter and let go of the things that don’t.

People are more distracted now than ever before, and it has become increasingly difficult to focus on what God wants to do in and through us. Because of this, many Christians are not living in their unique, God-given potential. Get crystal clear on what you truly want from your relationships and career.
Build confidence

See who you are and what you have, rather than who you aren’t and what you lack.

We are dealing with more uncertainty and unpredictability in our everyday lives. Moving forward in faith is proving to be a real challenge. Step into your Kingdom role, build your five capitals, create a game-changing “why” statement and goal-driven vision board to guide you for years to come.
Grow Your Impact

Help others grow their potential by living out your own.

How can you empower others when you don’t feel empowered? Your impact grows exponentially when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned. Get the tools, maps and community that you need to unlock your unique potential to help others.
Make friends who will accompany you for years to come
Get support and accountability from your coach and group
Proven Path
Work with tools, maps and a process that have helped thousands
Holistic Results
Grow in the areas of your life that really matter to you
Help others experience the breakthrough they need

Start unlocking your God-given potential today

10 Inspirational Messages
10 Small Group Coaching Sessions
Growth-Orientated Connections
Free 5 Roles Assessment
Access to Leader Training
Excludes Unstoppable Growth participant package

Program Overview

Week 1: Prepare Your Heart
Week 2: Expect Breakthrough
Week 3: Know Your Enemy
Week 4: Own Your Story
Week 5: Uncover Your Why
Week 6: Build Your Capital
Week 7: Step Into Your Role
Week 8: Declare Your Intent
Week 9: Set Your Boundaries
Week 10: Invest in Your People
Register for 90-Day Breakthrough Experience
In-Person ExperienceVirtual Experience
In-Person Experience
Begins September 9
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Virtual Experience
Begins September 6
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10-week small group Program starts this fall
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Who We Are

Unstoppable Growth is a ministry of Seacoast Church

In September of 2020, a group of 24 participants from Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC walked through a spiritual, three-month life-coaching program, called “High Impact.” The outcome of the course went far beyond anyone’s expectations. Marriages were healed, participants overcame decades-old habits, made life-altering decisions, found hope and purpose, and grew their leadership capacity. Friends from all walks of life were able to connect and form bonds that translated into long-lasting relationships. We soon realized that God wanted to do something bigger and "High Impact" evolved into our 10-week small group program, helping Seacoasters discover their purpose and grow their leadership capacity. Our Unstoppable Growth team would be honored to continue this story of individual, Christ-centered life change with you and your church.

Meet the Founders

Tim and Rebecca Lindsay – pastors, coaches, speakers, authors and podcasters – have over 60 years of combined experience leading thousands of people through spiritual formation and personal development. Now, they’ve distilled decades of learning into this very practical, step by step, easy to follow transformational program so you can experience unstoppable growth.

Tim Lindsay

Tim has benefitted from the influence of coaches and mentors who have helped him experience breakthrough and discover his God-given potential. Now he is paying it forward as he speaks, inspires and empowers thousands of unstoppable Christ followers from all continents, cultures, backgrounds and ages.

Rebecca Lindsay

Rebecca has a passion to give all women and men the opportunity to have a life-giving coach. She combines the amazing gifts of faith and discernment, believing whole heartedly in people, and at the same time courageously speaking truth into their lives and relationships.

Small Group Leaders

Abbey Cook

“Unstoppable Growth helped me see how God accepts me for who I am. The pressure to be my best self every day is gone and I no longer am under to explain myself when I say 'no.' Now, my time is spent in a different way with different people.”

Abigail Gwarjanski

“My courage to be vulnerable grew immensely through Unstoppable Growth. My coaching group provided me with the support, accountability and a safe place to own and share my story.”

Adam Ray

“Unstoppable Growth helped me see that I needed to let go of my procrastination if I was going to step into the different roles God wanted to place me in.”

Anthony Mack

“Going through Unstoppable Growth helped me see that I wasn't resting well because I didn’t truly understand the concept of boundaries.  Now that I have put up fences, it’s easier for me to say no, protect my rest and have more energy to live out God’s calling for my life.”

Alex Pelbath

“Going through Unstoppable Growth for the first time was like a high-impact leadership master class for me personally, for our marriage, our family and our roles at work."

Brittany Murray

“The trusted community at Unstoppable Growth equipped and empowered me to overcome my obstacles and helped me better understand who God created me to be and what God created me to do.”

Brittni Woods

“Going through Unstoppable Growth helped me to redefine success in every area of my life after a series of big transitions, and then empowered me to take steps forward in my purpose. My coaching group became a community of women that I could continue to do life with even beyond the program.”

Bruce Murray

"The Unstoppable Growth vision board allowed my wife and I to see our goals not only for ourselves but for our marriage. This really helped us align our hearts and goals together, in our first year of marriage."

David Keller

“Unstoppable Growth helped me confront my biggest enemy, which was the shame I was carrying. Continually letting that go has made all the difference.”

Dawn Keller

“Unstoppable Growth helped me create my own personal why statement, which is now the benchmark that I use for every decision that I make.”

Erin Corder

“Embracing the concept of scattering my seed generously while keeping an eye out for my 'People of Peace' allowed me to release control and not take rejection personally. Saying 'yes' to working with my People of Peace has produced abundant blessings in my life.”

Holly Mack

“As someone who has worked in different sectors and physically moved many places, purpose was something I always struggled with. Unstoppable Growth helped me create a “why” statement that as given me a new confidence and understanding in how I live my life.”

Lynne Stroy

"Unstoppable has been a game changer in my life. The process and the community I’ve developed through it has taught me to dig deeper into my motives and beliefs, to give language to my purpose, and to create vision with practical next steps. I’ll use what I’ve learned for the rest of my life!"

Jacqueline Gerety

“Unstoppable Growth helped me see that neglecting my physical and relational capital was holding me back from achieving my breakthrough.”

Jen Gilmer

“The questions my Unstoppable Growth Coach asked helped me move from a mindset of condemnation to conviction. They guided me to reflect on God’s promises and reset my priorities. The initial Kairos moments literally changed my life moving forward.”

John Gilmer

“I always carried the shame and embarrassment of two failed marriages. God used the vulnerability found in Unstoppable Growth to give me the courage to stand in the truth of my story.”

John Nesco

“Unstoppable Growth really helped me to hone in on the things that I felt God was calling me to do. The 'Vision Board' became my visual guide for my unique path and has helped me to impact others.”

Jon Douglas

“During Unstoppable Growth, I started to understand on a much deeper level what my purpose was, and how being intentional is key to successfully fulfilling it.”

Julie Douglas

“My breakthrough moment at Unstoppable Growth was to be more intentional. God called me to stop drifting and start digging into His purpose for my life and marriage.”

Lacey Flint

“Unstoppable Growth fostered a safe space for me to step into the light and be vulnerable. I was able to realize my hindrances and set goals personally, professionally, spiritually that helped me experience growth and breakthroughs.”

Lynden Pelbath

“Going through the program allowed me to see the patterns of thought and behavior that we’re holding me back. The teachings and the community have helped me experience significant breakthroughs in my relationships, and my walk with God.”

Matt Trumbore

Unstoppable Growth empowered me to own my story, and share it within the strong Christian brotherhood of the Unstoppable Growth community. I was able to identify my God-given purpose, and learn to empathize with others.

Morgan Ray

“Unstoppable Growth gave me deeper relationships, a spicier marriage, and a stronger faith. I now have a why statement that helps me be more of a kingdom investor rather than a worldly consumer."

Ryan Corder

"Unstoppable Growth helped me heal from my past and see through my life experiences to clarify my path forward with God."

Get the most out of your Unstoppable Growth experience.

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Your Guide to Unstoppable growth
People are more distracted than ever before. It has become increasingly difficult to focus on what God wants to do in and through us. Many Christians don’t live in their God-given potential and the consequences can be drastic. Unstoppable Growth will help you get crystal clear on what you truly want out of your relationships and career. The tools, maps, and exercises will provide a way for you to overcome adversity, build on your strengths, and unlock your unique potential.
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THe Unstoppable Growth Podcast
Be a fly on the wall as our Unstoppable Growth coaches share different learnings and experiences. Laugh, cry and learn more as we unpack Unstoppable Growth and how it’s making an impact on our lives.
Make your church unstoppable
“If you build people, God will build His church” -Rick Warren

The Unstoppable Growth 10-week program was created to help individual Christians know, grow and multiply their God-given potential. At Seacoast Church, we found the aftereffect to be more enthusiastic and confident followers of Christ who loved the church.

Unstoppable Growth is a people-building tool that God is using to build His Church. Let us know how we can help you unlock God-given potential in your local church.
Start Unstoppable Growth at your church

We asked past participants and…

increased Sunday attendance
joined a small group
joined a serve team
gave more
Unstoppable Stories
Becoming Transparent
John and Jen explain how they learned to be fully honest with God and their loved ones through their time at Unstoppable Growth. The impact this created has been ongoing ever since.
Never too late or difficult
Jacqueline shows us that no matter what’s happened in your past, no matter where you are in your life right now, it’s never too late or too difficult for God to do a great thing in your life.
No more pretend normal
David and Dawn share how they learned to be vulnerable and experience healing and purpose through Unstoppable Growth. Now they are helping others step into their God-opportunities.
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